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Old SD Gundam, GArms: Rant and Research Series - G Arms Scramble

I should have posted this a while ago. The video is not translated but it’s a nice look into some SDGF origins (even though it pretty much a big toy commercial). 

It’s the only time I’ve seen Bloody Zaku in action. Captain, do you always have to get the last shot, geez! 

If you don’t have Nico nico douga, you can watch it here:






"O metal gear solid reference, come to me!”

Seriously, there’s a pawn leo sneaking around and there’s no legit reason why a conjured box would have any markings on it.

Ah now there’s another series that balanced the silly and the serious rather well.

The other explanation is that Zero summons objects by basically asking Mana to fetch it for him

and Mana was like ‘this looks like a good box, here you go’ 

and somewhere in the multiverse there’s whole ton of oranges just rolling around without a box now.

Yes perfect.

Some poor sod was packing a truck of produce. Just as he’s loading this box of oranges, poof, suddenly he has seven or so pounds of oranges exploding in his face—minus the cardboard packaging.

I am more excited about this new headcanon than I should be.

And speaking of Metal Gear, are we not going to talk about a certain thing that happened in season 2 with Grappler and Dom~?

I’m not that far yet…

However, I did make this:

Oh my god you are going to love season 2 because of reasons. 

OMG! Yes! I completely forgot about Gouf and Dom. Yeah, Mattwo, even without the review for the second season, you have to watch it just for that. It would be the perfect follow up for this


*sigh* Dang it MMD! I should be working on Captain right now…

I think it’s official, I’ve associated Zero with MEW. I don’t know what it is but I think her voice just suits him.


WAVE English translation by GetProphetic 

I make a mistake and the world ends
The street of constant green lights
It flies, then stops again
then looks like it will fly again

Hearts connect
The fantasy that the ancients fell in love with
Was it correct?
A romance that’s like a delusion
Well now, will you dance in the dream?

The light of the moon wraps itself around me
The reverberating sound swallows my body whole
Until I no longer feel afraid of anything
Now inside the radiance, my heart is being aimed at
The spinning, spinning world is—

I try to consider it, then stop thinking
The red street light is my aim
I want to escape, to slip away,
and it looks like I will escape soon

Open it, and next
is skype with an alien
Select the delusion
A romance that’s like electromagnetic waves
Ah, do you sleep at night?

The glow of the moon envelopes me
The reverberating sound leads my body astray again
Until I completely forget the things I struggled against
Right now, my heart is being aimed at
The ever-approaching future is—

Ah, will you dance inside the dream?

The voice of tomorrow beckons to me
And all my hate is painted over
So much that I won’t give up the things I’ve already stopped
Right now, my heart is being aimed at

From this spinning, spinning world
I can see it, I can see it, the future

La la la la la la la (x2)
La la la la la la la (x2)

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